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Skypoint Australia

Enjoy the Gold Coast View from the Top with SkyPoint Climb

Posted in Activites / Attractions at 30 November, 2015

The Gold Coast is a majestic place. It has almost everything anyone needs to have a perfect holiday....

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Christmass Cavill Mall

Catch the Summer-y Christmas in Surfers Paradise

Posted in Local Events at 13 November, 2015

We're used to seeing Santa Claus amidst the endless snow and laughing his usual 'Ho ho ho'; How he rides in his sleigh that is pulled by his hardworki...

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Carols On The Beach

Carols on the Beach

Posted in Local Events at 10 November, 2015

Feel the sand between your toes at Carols on the Beach Surfers Paradise....

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Santa Hat

Christmas in Surfers Paradise

Posted in Local Events at 09 November, 2015

If you're going to be in Surfers Paradise between the 13th of December and the 24th of December - you are in for a treat! Each day, Cavill Mall will c...

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Draculas Haunted House

Dracula's Haunted House

Posted in Local Events at 08 November, 2015

Looking for some scarily good fun? How about a visit to Dracula's Haunted House on the Gold Coast!

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Movies Under Stars Gold Coast

Movies Under The Stars Gold Coast

Posted in Local Events at 05 November, 2015

They say the best things in life are free. Well, good news - here's a completely free and totally fun Gold Coast event: 'Movies Under The Stars'....

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